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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training

Our Hybrid EMT course was one of the first EMT courses using a hybrid approach to EMT training. Our institute is licensed by the PA Department of Health, Bureau of EMS and follows the new National EMS Education Standards, which were implemented in 2012. Unlike traditional courses that require up to 200 hours of in-class learning, our course is designed for students to learn the majority of the material - the "book work" online. Students then attend in-class skills sessions for less than 50 hours, in either 1 full week of in-class meetings, or 3 weekends. Current EMRs, can expand on their training to become certified as an EMT, by taking the EMR to EMT Bridge course with only 2 weekends of in-class skills training.



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Course Description:
This program will give you the skills necessary to function as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). EMTs traditionally provide emergency medical care with local ambulance companies or college EMS units. An EMT can function as a volunteer or choose EMS as a career. Upon successful completion of our EMT Training Program, you will be eligible to complete the National certification exams to become a Nationally Registered (NREMT) and PA certified EMT.

Delivery Format: ETA recognizes that people have very busy schedules and may not be able to commit to sitting in a classroom 6-10 hours or more per week. So we've made it easy. Now you can limit the number of days you must be in class to as few as 6 sessions through our hybrid/online EMT program. The remaining course is completed online. We provide all the tools and material you need to learn the core content online, at a time that works best for you. We then have in-class sessions to review this material and learn and practice the practical skills necessary to function as an EMT. This format has been proven successful and is a great alternative to a traditional classroom setting, proividing you have time management skills and the desire to learn. This format is not for everyone.

Please note: Due to the structure of the course and relatively few in-class hours, it is extremely difficult to make-up missed hours. Please look at the schedule to ensure you are able to make all in-class sessions.

Cost: $1245 for Chester County Residents - $1345 for out of county residents. Course cost includes a printed textbook, audio book, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, penlight, and pocket face mask. Additional resources, such as an ebook or interactive lectures, are available at an additional cost (optional). ETA does not require additional attire such as a uniform, work boots, work pants, etc.

Certification Exams: Upon successful completion of the EMT course, students will be issued a Certificate of Course Completion by ETA and will be eligible to complete the state certification process. Students must complete a state psychomotor (skills) exam as well as the NREMT cognitive exam to obtain certification in PA. Psychomotor exams are offered through Regional EMS Councils throughout the Commonwealth on specific dates. The NREMT congitive exam is administered at PearsonVue testing sites throughout the nation. The cost for the NREMT cognitive exam is $80 payable directly to NREMT when scheduling the exam.

Course Length: A traditional EMT course is 160-200 hours in length. Because this is a hybrid course, we only require students to attend approximately 48 hours in-class, learning hands-on skills, while completing the remainder of the program online. Our online program provides chapter quizzes, interactive content and activities, forums, and other means to help you learn the material. In addition, our instructors are always available to provide extra help and support.

Course Topics: Well-Being of the EMT, Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues, Anatomy & Physiology, Lifting & Moving Patients, Airway Management, CPR, Shock and Resuscitation, Patient Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Traumatic Injuries, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Patients with Special Challenges, Haz-Mat Awareness, Mass-Casualty Incidents, Ambulance Operations, Rescue Operations, and Terrorism and Disaster Management.

Prerequisites: CPR is a prerequisite for all EMT classes. By the first in-class skills session, students must possess a professional level American Heart Association, ASHII, ARC or other CPR certification accepted by the PA DOH Bureau of EMS, demonstrating successful completion of a CPR class to the Healthcare Professional level, with a minimum of 6 months remaining prior to expiration. If you are not certified, click here for a list of upcoming CPR classes.

Criminal History: Students will be required to complete state registration forms and disclose any positive criminal history. A positive history will not prevent acceptance into the course, however, it may impact one's ability to obtain state certification. Authorization for certification is solely at the discretion of the PA DOH Bureau of EMS.

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